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10 Tips For A Great Party

Some of these may seem obvious, but all too often they are overlooked! Following these tips will give you all the ingredients for a great party, and make sure you get the most from your band!

1. Stage Location

Put the band on a stage at least 30cm high, and locate it as centrally as you can in the room to make it the heart of the party.

Having the band raised creates an exciting dynamic between the crowd and the musicians, whilst ensuring that guests at the back of the dancefloor are still involved in the action.

2. Lighting

Don't underestimate the importance of good party lighting! Have a minimum of 6-8 moving lights situated around the stage and dancefloor to create a party atmosphere.

Room lighting is also key. Without any specialised event lighting, you will have to resort to turning the house lights on...way too bright! Or completely off....way too dark! Let the moving lights work their magic and create the perfect atmosphere. 

Lastly, have some lighting facing the band, so people can see the musicians on stage. Your photographer will thank you later.

3. Bar Location

Make sure the bar is as near as possible to the dancefloor. Having the bar in another room is a big no! Even having the bar at the opposite end of the room will separate the room and draw guests away from the party.

4. Timings

Try to keep sets between 45min and 1hr 30 maximum. This works best to keep your musicians on top form and keep your dancefloor full! Live music is very impactful and we find that after 1hr 30 mins, guests will need a breather.

Keep your speeches short and integrate some dancing in between courses. This keeps the party alive and the evening flowing.

5. Avoid Sound Limits

Venues that have a decibel limit of less than 92dB can seriously impact your party. Our unique set-up and in-house sound engineers are second to none at maximising whatever limit is in place, but locations without limits could be better for a party.

6. Keep Suppliers Happy

Make sure all your suppliers are well looked after during the event with a comfortable crew room, a good meal and some drinks. Happy suppliers will make your party better!

7. Toastmaster

Having a professional toastmaster or MC will allow your event to run smoothly and to time. The band will often be off stage when certain announcements need to be made so having a toastmaster will be the glue to a successful event.

8. Trust Your Suppliers

It is likely that you have spent time carefully selecting your chosen suppliers for your event. Whilst this may be your first time planning a big party or wedding, your suppliers will have plenty of experience and likely know best in most situations. Trust their advice!

9. Be Open Minded

There may be some songs that you absolutely love listening to in your car, on the train or in your bedroom. However, these may not have as much impact as well-known crowd pleasers when creating a party. Some songs that you might not love can actually be the biggest hit with your guests. It's all about the balance between your personal music taste and guaranteed dancefloor fillers.

10. Have Fun!

It seems obvious, but if it's your party and you are relaxed, happy and having the night of your life on the dancefloor, your guests will be there with you creating memories.

When you book with Sensation Band, we go further than any other band. Our team are here to help with all these elements above and much more. We will work with you to make sure everything is in place for the best party possible. We can help with;

Give us a call now on 0208 123 4851 - we create the best parties in the world.