October, 2018

50th Birthday Band

Dear Anna, Laura and of course Jason,

Sitting here, on the second day of a hangover, trying to write a thank you and realise my words will undoubtedly be inadequate to thank you all for making my and my husband’s joint 50th birthday party on Saturday, the absolutely best night of my life.  

My phone has not stopped pinging with messages – everyone raving about you guys.  

In both my professional and private life, I have seen very many bands over the years.  Most them were really very good.  The talent, however, of your musicians and singers is on another scale entirely.  I want to be a groupie and follow you to every event!

I’m waiting for my professional photos to come through and am pretty sure there will be some good photos of you guys, so I’ll send those on.

How to end this missive? Thank you just doesn’t seem isn’t enough.

You truly live up to your name – “The Sensation Band” are sensational..