molly buckwald - bookings & events manager

Meet Molly Buckwald, the dynamic and adventurous Bookings and Events Manager. With a first-class degree in psychology, she brings a keen understanding of human behavior to every event she plans.

When she's not crafting unforgettable experiences, Molly indulges in her love for travel, exploring vibrant cultures and uncovering hidden gems worldwide. Alongside her loyal sidekick, Woody the dog, she basks in the sun, whether it's on a sandy beach or in her own garden, flaunting her fabulous bikini collection.

Molly's organisational skills and attention to detail ensure flawlessly executed events that leave a lasting impression. With her vibrant spirit and zest for life, she's the go-to professional for creating extraordinary moments. Get ready to be inspired as Molly infuses every occasion with passion, professionalism, and a touch of adventure.