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Band for a party

Looking for a great band for a party?

Choosing the perfect band for a party can be a fraught affair. When you’re planning your own party, you’ll desperately want to make sure that the whole night is as perfect as can be. If you have a corporate function to plan, you’ll be aware of the importance of wooing potential customers or clients, while at the same time you’ll want to impress your bosses. Cheese is out, what you need is effortless sophistication and a sprinkling of chic.

On the other hand, when it’s a wedding party you’re planning, you’ll want to ensure that the bride and groom remain the centre of attention all evening, yet the set list needs to appeal mostly to the guests, and as you know at a wedding party, guests come in all shapes and sizes and from all age groups. So who can you choose to entertain everyone?

An ideal band for a party

Look no further. Sensation Band are perfect for any function you’re holding. If you need a band for a birthday celebration or perhaps an anniversary party, Sensation Band can do. If it’s a corporate affair or something more formal, Sensation Band are perfect for you. Or if it’s a wedding party you’re hosting, Sensation Band will cause a total sensation!

Whatever the event you’re planning you’ll notice from our website that Sensation Band have a range of styles, and you simply need to choose your theme. Schmoozing your guests? No problem? Romance on the dance floor? We’ve got it? Want Grandma to rock out with cousin Henry? We can do it! All we need form you is the date and the details. Tell us what your expectations of your event are and we will do our utmost to create the backdrop for a wonderful afternoon or evening.

Quality assurance

We’re not a karaoke band, far from it. We’re professional musicians, who rehearse each song for hours until we’re sure we can deliver the best performance possible. We like to ensure that our sound quality is second to none too, so to that end we bring along our own sound engineer who will mix our live shows to create the best experience possible for yourself and your guests. With us you get quality all the way.

Check Sensation Band out

For your convenience we’ve included dozens of sound and video clips of us performing live at various events. You can also check out our website for reviews of the hundreds of events and performances we’ve participated in. You really won’t find a better group for a party. If you’re happy, get in touch with us to check our availability for your dates. Contact us on 0208 123 4851 and let’s chat about your party!