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band for a wedding

There are three golden rules to stick to when choosing musicians for your private function, event or wedding. Firstly, do you how do they sound? If you don’t, get hold of sound bite samples of your shortlisted favourites and by so doing, you can ensure that they would not only be appropriate for you and your partner or co-organiser but for your guests also.

Secondly, visuals are so important when hiring a band for a wedding. Take a look at photos or videos of the band actually playing a live gig - not just studio produced material. This will ensure that you know exactly what presence and appearance they’ll have at your wedding, party or function. Thirdly, every successful band for a wedding will have some brilliant testimonials from past clients on their website or in their publicity material.

Testimonials and contact with former customers

If there’s an absence of these, ask why. If there are, check with the band that it would be OK to contact these former customers to hear about them straight from the horse’s mouth as it were. If the band is any good, they won’t hesitate in agreeing.

Experience over enthusiasm will always triumph when hiring a band for a wedding. When choosing musicians in a band for a wedding be sure to make the right decision moves. For example, a more experienced band might be somewhat more professional and polished but they may not have the same enthusiasm as a group of 20-somethings appearing in front of a younger crowd.  It’s a matter of getting the right blend of experience and energy for a particular performance. So in the final selection process, tailor your band to your requirements and that of guests.

Cover favourites by a band for a wedding

If the band is well-rehearsed and plays each cover song as close to the original as possible, your guests will enjoy themselves much more and stay longer. A favourite song well put over by professionals in a band for a wedding will be readily appreciated by guests, especially when it comes complete with background vocals and all the accompaniments of the original version. If your guests instantly recognise the songs, they’ll start singing along, humming, tapping their toes, and then get on the dance floor.

Many a great band for a wedding can be booked up eight months to a year in advance so for goodness sake don't wait until the last minute. You could get lucky because another client may have cancelled, but why take the risk? Wedding bands like London-based Sensation Band take bookings on a first-come-first-served basis because they’re so popular. Hardly surprising as the band’s members play with some of the biggest recording names around.

Celebrities and Sensation Band

Among the music celebrities Sensation Band have backed as solo session musicians are the late Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, Mark Ronson, Incognito, and Taio Cruz and many others on the biggest stages and festivals around the world. The terrific energy and sound Sensation Band brings to any private function is truly memorable for all present. But whoever you choose, don't take too long in making your mind up or you may end up having to search again and maybe settle for a lesser quality act for what is one of the most important days of your life.