band for hire

The process of searching for a great band for your wedding reception, coming-of-age or company dinner party isn’t rocket science. But when you do make a choice, make sure there’s a written contract drawn up.

It’s your assurance when taking on a band for hire that they will perform their duties in a professional and timely manner. It’s also the band’s reassurance that they will be paid at the end of the gig. Having a legally binding document outlining terms of service really is a sensible and recommended part of any business. Dealing with a band for hire is no exception.

The hire contract

The contract can contain anything you both agree to but it does need to have a few key items. As a minimum these should include:

  • Your name and address
  • Name and address of the signatory musician
  • Location, date and time of the performance
  • The amount of compensation agreed to

Beyond that, there are some terms the band’s representative will probably insist on, such as the fact that no commercial recordings will be made of the performance without written permission, and so on. There are usually also some legitimate concerns a band for hire can have about working conditions while performing. Remember that these are professional musicians and are accustomed to being treated that way. The musicians are doing their job in a different location each time they perform and, as such, they will be very conscious of their work environment and working conditions being up to certain standards. Every professional band for hire does want to risk any accidents because having to be off work loses their members precious income.

Sizes of an average band for hire

But, in terms of operation, an adaptable band enables you to choose whatever best suits your own preference, budget, event and venue requirements. Typical options in terms of sizes of an average band for hire range from four to six professional musicians and singers. These can be made up as follows:

3 piece band – male lead vocalist, female keyboard player with lead vocals and lead guitar, drums provided as a backing track

4 piece band plus 1 – as the 3 piece band but with a live drummer

4 piece band plus 1 alternative – as the 3 piece but with saxophone player

5 piece band – as 3 piece band with drummer and saxophonist

6 piece band – as 3 piece band with drummer, sax player and trumpeter

Dynamic and presentable vocalists

A good band for hire can perform classic hits from the 60’s to the present day. Each should also have dynamic and presentable male and/or female lead vocals, with an extensive and varied set list catering for all ages and tastes in music. Music genres should encompass Pop, Rock, Motown, Soul, Funk, Disco, Country, Blues, Swing, R & B, electro-synthpop and a range of ballads. Professionals you engage as a band for hire will make absolutely sure that guests of all ages will enjoy the music and be singing along and dancing well into the evening.