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Band for your wedding

In need of a band for your wedding?

“Today this will be, the greatest day of our lives!” So sings Gary Barlow, and it’s something that all soon to be bride and grooms recognise. A call to arms. A plaintiff plea to ensure that their wedding day is as magnificent as possible.

Planning a wedding is a complicated and time consuming affair. On the one hand you have a finite budget, and on the other you have two people who want a day they can remember forever. What do you give up? What do you steadfastly hold on to? We would suggest that when you’re panning the evening’s entertainment, you shouldn’t skimp on the band for the wedding.

I suppose would say that. We’re Sensation Band and we’re one of the premier wedding bands in the UK, voted the UK’s best party band in both 2014 and 2015, so we know a thing or two about parties. And of course, your wedding is the ultimate party – and that’s why it’s important to get the band for your wedding right!

What should you be looking for in your band?

When choosing a band for your wedding you need a group who are flexible and adaptable. Depending on the venue and the number and age of the guests you want a group who will alter the set list slightly if people seem a little shy about getting up and stamping their feet on the dance floor.

You also need a band who will ensure that the bride and groom are at the centre of the evening’s celebrations. This is your big day, after all, not ours. We want to make sure you get the right mix of romance and enjoyment. We want to make the day as meaningful as possible.

You need a good set list! When choosing a band make sure they don’t have one set list that’s the same every time they go out and play. You want a group like Sensation Band who literally have hundreds of tracks at their disposal that they love to play.

You need a group that are totally brilliant! Sensation Band are magnificent musicians in their own right. They practise endlessly to create the right sound for each new song that they add to the set list – and they’re updating constantly. They have a repertoire that includes old classics, smooth jazz, club and contemporary pop music. Let us know your preferences and we’ll set up the perfect gig.

Contact us

Have a look at our website and the sound and video clips we’ve uploaded there. You really won’t find a better wedding band anywhere in the UK. No matter what the occasion we can turn your day into the greatest day of your life. Give us a call to check our availability for your dates. Contact us on 0208 123 4851 and let’s go!