band hire

Leaders of bands have some expectations of their own when they play at a wedding reception or party for which they are booked. Like in any business, it’s a two-way street really and in the transaction the objective is to create a win win scenario whereby the band, you and your guests can, at the end of the event, call it a huge the success.

It’s in the band’s interest to do well at your event because for professional musicians it is their living and you become part of their testimonials and references list for future engagements.  When on a quest for live band hire for your special event always give yourself enough time for research, comparing prices with what’s offered and become a good negotiator if you’re not already.

Booking a live band

Booking a live band for your special event is always a solid and great choice. Live music adds atmosphere to any gathering, and is capable of turning any party into an event that will be remembered for a long time. Think about it. How many office parties have you been to where there was nothing special going on? Just the same people you see every day at work. Out of courtesy they put in an appearance at the party, chat around a bit then just go home.

Imagine the difference if there was a live band present. The music having struck up, they’d all soon be cheering, dancing and having a whale of a time. Wouldn’t it be great to have a similar level of excitement at your event? A live band hire starts the process towards giving your guests an event to remember. However, taking the first steps in band hire for a special event can be a bit intimidating for those who have never done it before. It involves the right planning and formulating a budget, which may at times – and before the actual contract signing – need to be a bit flexible to ensure you end up with all your requirements.

No last minute surprises

Read the small print well because what you don’t need are any last minute surprises. It helps to be as informed as possible when negotiating on price for band hire whether it be with the band’s representative member or an agent. Communication is the key word – relating your expectations from the band for the fee agreed.

The first thing on anyone’s ‘to do’ list should be to come up with an overall plan as to how you want your event to flow and, naturally, where you want the band to fit in to this equation. Will there be dancing? Will there be quiet dinner with background music? A cocktail hour perhaps? The answers to these questions will determine what type and size of outfit will suit your needs when it comes to band hire.

Band hire that meets your needs

Having a massive 17-piece ensemble for your dinner hour would of course be too loud for your guests to hold a conversation, as would an acoustic jazz trio for a crowd of young people who expect modern dance music. The golden rule is to assess your needs realistically – and then proceed with a band hire that meets those needs and do then keep everyone who needs to know what’s going on well informed.