Band sensation

So, you’re in charge of sorting out the entertainment for your upcoming “do”.  Personally you’re more in to heavy rock than cheesy pop, but you know your other guests are going to want something slightly more easy to listen and dance to.  Trying to pull together lots of different music tastes and ensuring that your DJ or the band you’ve booked can cope with it is no easy task.

Dependable DJ or band sensation?

Realistically your two options for music on the night are either the DJ complete with sound system or a live group or band.  Both have their advantages, and their limitations.

A DJ will be able to rock up on the night with all the mod-cons and an extensive playlist.  If it turns out that the initial music selected isn’t having the desired effect then they can react quite quickly and change the tempo. A live band can struggle with this if they have pre-determined set list that they aren’t as flexible with.

However, as we know here at Sensation Band, any group worth their salt will take the time to find out what the tone and mood of your party or event is.  Armed with the right information about your guest list and the musical genre you are looking for there’s an exceptionally good chance that your guests will be up and moving before you know what’s happening.

Equally, there is something very special about live music.  It can draw the audience in so much more than some bloke with flashing lights playing the same old tunes you’ve heard a thousand times before.  A band can interact, can help get people up and dancing and are really tangible live entertainment.

With a DJ people may well have a great time, but they are unlikely to be talking about them for days to come after the hangovers have all cleared. However, people will remember a band – especially if they are a band sensation. The atmosphere will be so completely different with a live entertainment offering that your guests won’t be able to help but get involved, and more importantly, get up on that dance floor.

What you need to ask

What you need to do to find out what is the right option for you is speak to a few people. Contact a couple of local DJs and find out what they can provide you, and speak to a few bands.  Do you want a cover band, a duo or a full group?  Do you want someone that can do a mix of different songs, styles and decades?

Get advice and don’t be afraid to ask for videos, CVs or even contact details of happy customers. Here at Sensation Band we are always happy to help so give us a call today on 0208 1234 851 for a quick chat about your party.