bands cover

Cover bands come in a variety of sizes and numbers of musicians and singers. When you have decided what type of cover music you want it’s a good idea to ask about performance space required for particular bands in order to fit them into the space available at your venue. Most bands are flexible and will adjust their equipment to suit.

Most live bands cover all the hits from the past few decades as well as recent chart hits, but they do need a break now and then. When they do they will provide recorded music during these breaks. In fact, if it was your preference, they could link your iPod or other device into their music system and broadcast your own playlist over the PA system.

Band sets and playing time

When performing – which is usually two 45-minute sets, bands cover the down-time with some kind of fill-in entertainment. There are never great gaps of silence, unless you wish it that way. In some cases bands are capable of performing for three 45-minute sets or even two one hour sets. There are really no hard and fast rules about this, but of course the sets and their length are all pre-arranged beforehand with you, the host.

Of course once you’ve set your date for your big event there are lots of things you have to decide. You need to think over who you want to invite and how many guests are going to attend the event and uppermost in your head it’s very important you have a plan to take every step to ensure your guests won’t get bored at any time.

The right live bands cover

Whatever the event, you can always fill it with the relevant live entertainment and the right live bands cover this. You can decide on your own what exactly you want to arrange yet it is recommended to turn to dedicated specialists who know how to make everything pass smoothly. For example, entertainment agents monitor the changing tastes of customers for function events and will fine tune programmes accordingly. It is well-known that tastes differ, and if you want to satisfy all your guests, you either need to have good imagination or outsource from professionals who will do a superb job on the day.

If you are a fan of some particular singers and musicians, bands cover them – all you have to do is seek out the right ones. These bands can suit most tastes and budgets. As a bit of a novelty, besides you live bands cover repertoire, you could hire celebrity lookalikes who can meet and greet your guests. If you want to create a relaxed atmosphere, it can be a great idea to invite comedians, jugglers, street performers or walkabout entertainers. What a fun surprise that would be for your guests, lending a carnival touch to your event. Magicians or illusionists would also go down well.

Up there with the best – SensationBand

When it comes to professionalism in bands cover version entertainment, London’s SensationBand is up there with the best. Their musicians have played with some of the biggest pop names around – Lilly Allen, Mark Ronson, Tao Cruz, Incognito – as well as a host of other pop stars who have performed on worldwide stages.

The premium talents and energy such versatile musicians in SensationBand bring to each and every event has to be a winner for a successful celebration. To discover their talent and those of other premier class music entertainment, just go online and type ‘bands cover versions London’ in your Google search engine. You’ll be knocked-out by what pops up!