bands for hire

It’s no easy task. There are several things to consider when hiring the right wedding band. The first is to make sure you do your research on which band to hire for your special event. Give some thought to what sort of music theme you would like for your wedding reception, family or other private event.

Like, do you want it to be a bit upmarket – a classy affair yet fairly laid back and relaxed? Or do you want to go for the full knees-up party gig? If it’s the classier ‘do’, the last thing you would want is for three guys in a band wearing psychedelic short-sleeved shirts and belting out songs from Saturday Night Fever. It might rather ruin the atmosphere.

What you will be getting at your function

No matter which bands for hire you go for always request a demo CD of them performing live. They should have such material and, if you can of course, go along to hear them play live so you know what you would be getting at your function. Such a showcase would be the perfect opportunity to see and hear what they’re all about, gauge audience reaction and also meet them in person. That way you avoid any surprises and can ensure the music will be exactly to the standard you would like for your special occasion.

Don’t forget, when it comes to bands for hire, music does set the mood for your social gathering. If you land an awful one who are shouting more than vocalising old songs that no one knows, you have only yourself to blame. Such amateur bands just don’t inspire people to get up and dance, the event turning into seemingly over long and dreary one.

Every guest on the dance floor

Guaranteed to make the perfect wedding reception or family party and at the top of London bands for hire is the SensationBand. They will get every guest on the dance floor with one of their incredible party sets which cover everyone’s favourite music throughout the past decades and right up to today’s charts. At weddings, the SensationBand  can provide accompaniment or background music for the ceremony, reception background music – including string quartets – and dinner entertainment or lounge music to create the perfect vibe. Sets from SensationBand scan range in size from their DJ Live package – that’s a jock with two musicians – right up to a 15-piece band with a stunning and impressive strings section.

Selecting ensembles from bands for hire

Of course, prices for booking live bands for hire can vary considerably. Some bands will have an all-in price policy while others will quote for specific requirements to the smallest details. Here are the main nine factors which will determine your overall outlay when selecting certain ensembles from bands for hire out there. These are:

  • Total musicians needed
  • The distance they have to travel to your event
  • How much music you want them to play
  • Their time spent at the venue
  • From booking the band to event date – notice period
  • If it’s a booking during the high season – national holidays, Christmas and New Year periods, etc
  • Amount of equipment needed for best effect
  • How popular the band is – top performers cost more
  • The band’s status – amateur, semi-professional or professional