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There are several factors to consider when hiring live musicians for a wedding social. The live musicians’ performance can impact the overall success of an event, so the musicians’ reputations and performance styles must be researched before agreeing to hire them. Live musicians should supply their own basic equipment and offer an ample song list and musical selections for customers to choose from. To protect both parties, a binding contract should be part of the hiring process.

In general though, when hiring bands for wedding celebrations, it’s advisable to set out all the details of your requirements in the contract before signing it. It can save valuable time as well frustrations even misery caused later through any misunderstandings. It also ensures the band will be there on the desired date and at the right time and that their costs fall on budget. Other details to be established up include performance fees, the deposit and type and length of the performances.

Visit the performance venue beforehand

In live gigs extra equipment may be required. A rule of co-ordination is needed between the musicians and the venue owner or manager to ensure all the necessary gear will be in place and on time for the performance. When hiring bands for wedding it’s wise to visit the venue yourself to ensure that there is a large enough stage or performance area available. This is so the musicians can comfortably and safely do their bit and that sufficient power points and the right lighting are available.

How much should you expect to pay for good bands for wedding? Well, an average pro wedding or party band will have a line-up of between three and six performers so a rule of thumb is £250 per musician.  If they come cheaper than that you really should be asking yourself ‘why? It’s all a matter of choice and budget of course, but some bands can feature up to a dozen or more musicians and singers. Bands will normally charge a fee per person so the larger the band it’s obvious that the more money you’ll have to shell out. They’ll have extra costs too, like for travel and refreshments for band members, so make sure when you contact their representative that he includes these in an ‘all in’ quote. If you’re still concerned you should ask for a breakdown of the overall hire cost.

SensationBand shortlisted in bands for wedding celebrations

One band prepared to play at private venues almost over the whole of the UK is one very special London-based outfit. SensationBand should be on your shortlist for bands for wedding celebrations wherever you intend to get married. They can guarantee services for the perfect wedding day and assure that every guest who wants to be will be up on the dance floor to their incredible party sets. Their cover versions range from hits from past decades to the latest chart music. SensationBand can provide accompaniment or background music for the wedding ceremony, background music including string quartets at the reception,  dinner entertainment or lounge music to give your special event the perfect vibe.

SensationBand’s size can be varied to accommodate your needs, ranging from a DJ Live package featuring two musicians right up to a 15 piece band, a stunning strings section being centre stage in the performance. Like all quality bands, the website for these London stars of bands for wedding celebrations can be found by Googling their name on the Internet.