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A report in a magazine for brides-to-be recently showed that from couples surveyed, the hiring of a band or DJ for a wedding came tenth on their list of priorities. It was way below organising a wedding venue, choice of food, flowers, dresses, wedding cars and so on. This is quite disturbing.

Couples getting married should consider very carefully the music they book for their wedding party. Music is a powerful thing. Even at a low volume and in the background it changes the tone and feel of a room. It can positively change the moods of guests. In live music entertainment available for weddings in the capital, among all the bands London has available, the SensationBand is right up there at the top.

Some of the biggest names in the UK music business

Featuring some of the UK’s top musicians, individually SensationBand members have played with some of the biggest names in the UK music business – the late Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, Mark Ronson, Incognito, Tao Cruz and many others on the biggest stages and festivals around the world. Carefully selected for their versatile talents and the energy they bring to each and every performance among bands London based,  the dynamic performance and luxury sound that SensationBand produces can blow your mind.

Retail stores choose their playlists for background music according the demographic and atmosphere they wish to create. It’s also why sports people can be psyched up by high BPM sounds and why even riots can be calmed by the right music! With the excellent function bands London has to offer, guests at a wedding will have their moods changed more by the background music than they will be the colour of the tablecloths or the choice of flowers.

Real party atmosphere

Once the music is turned up to create a real party atmosphere then the celebrations on the dance floor will subsequently live or die by the quality of the live wedding band or DJ. That’s why making the right choice among the bands London presents on its private events circuit is so important from the outset.

So many couples fall into the trap of booking a band who are “friends of a friend” – in other words, amateur musicians who have a band who play occasionally and more often for their own pleasure. Or those who say “someone at work has offered to DJ.. he reckons he has done it before.” These same couples would likely never allow an amateur cook to do the wedding catering or a neighbour who does a bit of sewing for a hobby to make the wedding dress!

Professional bands London provides

A wedding party is the biggest event most people will ever organise so the same passion, care and diligence in choosing from the professional bands London provides has to be taken. On the day it will assuredly be the single biggest factor in making that event memorable – for all the right reasons. We’ve all been at functions where an amateur DJ or band has been at work, painfully trying to win over a crowd but failing. Remember, for success it’s not ‘have a go on the night’ but ‘get it right first time when booking.’

Obviously budgets can be an issue for your wedding party so to examine the various options available to suit your wallet with live bands London offers is a must. However, better to have a high quality solo singer than a poor quality five-piece band – similarly, its wiser to go for a great three-piece band than a seven-piece poor quality but cheap wedding band. Likewise, it’s better to have a pro DJ than someone who fancies themselves as a pro DJ but whose experience has hardly been other than jocking in his bedroom!