November, 2022

Barmitzvah at the 8 Northumberland Band Review

Dear Molly and team,

Thank you so much!

Everyone had the most fantastic time. The band was indeed a huge part of the success of the evening!

The band gave it their all from beginning to end. The vocals were amazing – Holly, Seweuse, Piere and Shean! The dream team. 

The tracks of songs were all the songs I asked for.

I am sorry the evening passed so quickly. I didn’t have a chance to meet all the band members properly and say hello. But if you can pass on my thanks.

Also to Adam, Karme and Oli. They all came together to make the night special.

Thank you for accommodating the time schedule I wanted – we were dancing most of the time. As you can see this is what my guests wanted and it worked really well. I appreciate the very quick change. 

I don’t think anyone wanted to stop dancing from beginning to end. 

Also, I really appreciated their two extra songs they did at the end so much. I didn’t want it to end, so at least this prolonged it a bit.

People have asked me the band name and I know someone who already put an enquiry forward.

So hopefully I get to see you all again soon then!

All the best,