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21st Birthday Party Entertainment DJ with Live Band


You've got a special Birthday coming up and just want to treat your friends and family to an unforgettable 21st Birthday party - then you are in exactly the right place! We have been THE go to Birthday party band for events since we started. Sensation Band are something to get really excited about, and we can't wait to be there to celebrate with you!

For that ultimate 21st Birthday party vibe Sensation Band combine all the greatness of our renowned live band with globally acclaimed DJ superstars. The result is a complete entertainment package that keeps the dance floor bouncing all night for guests of all ages.

Get excited about our roster of World Class DJs. We have a range of DJs specialising in all styles, and some of the best all-rounders there are. Finding a DJ that is just right for your Birthday party can be a tough ask. With the DJ playing such a pivotal role in your birthday party, you can't risk getting it wrong!


DJ Live is a band that centers around a DJ. The DJ is able to read the crowd and play the right tunes - from the newest hits playing on the radio, grime, rap, electronic dance music to an unlimited variety of music - and perform mashups on the go!

The band really take the performance to new heights, bringing the music to life, making it interactive, and wowing birthday party guests with their unrivalled talent. The result is the perfect answer to the birthday party entertainment. The format & choice of line-up is totally flexible based on what you would like for your Birthday party!

Watch us performing with a DJ in the video below!

DJ with a Live Band


Sensation DJ Live - DJ, singers & instruments - mashups, scratching & limitless tunes!

Why choose sensation band for your Birthday PARTY?

  • Unrivalled Talent
  • Massive Song Choice
  • State of the art Sound System
  • Total Interactivity
  • 100% Client Satisfaction

WHY choose SENSATION BAND for your 21st birthday party?

  • Unparalleled line-up of highly successful vocalists and musicians
  • A massive repertoire of many genre covering big hits all the way back (new current tracks being added weekly!)
  • Cutting edge technology and sound equipment, professional sound engineer to live mix throughout the gig
  • Bespoke Setlists & Line-ups to suit you & how you want your Birthday party
  • A range of different entertainment options for throughout the day
  • An amazingly infectious Birthday party vibe = packed dancefloor from start to finish
  • A 100% customer satisfaction record
  • Incredible value for money

If you want your 21st Birthday party to stand out, experience the difference with Sensation Band. 

Find out about your date now, the diary fills up fast!


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WHY does sensation band sound so much better?

There is no compromising with the talent and quality of each individual band member. We have all worked together at the highest level. We are full time musicians because we fell in love with playing music. We live, breathe, and pay to eat through music. Secondly, we are totally unique in the events industry in that Sensation Band’s musical director & band leader is a highly sought after music producer / composer with an immense amount of global touring experience on the world’s biggest stages. All that knowledge and experience dictates the way we go about things in every single event we play at.

The result? Your 21st Birthday party gets elevated to the next level!


We are happy to bring THE 21st Birthday party to all venues throughout the UK and beyond. The band size is totally flexible to fit in with the space in your venue, your taste and your budget. With a range of services, and a reputation for ALWAYS delivering Sensation Band will deliver you the 21st Birthday party of your dreams!

Read some reviews left by our birthday clients below!

Client reviews

The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin 80th Birthday Party Band Review

March, 2024

Dear Molly, Thank you so much for your lovely email! We were amazed by the bands performance and so were our guests. Our dad had so much fun it was a great great show! Thank you for being part of this incredible night and until next time.  Best,  Izchak


Sensation Band at The Lakes by Yoo Review for a 50th Birthday Party

November, 2023

Hi Izzy, We had a brilliant time! The band were absolutely amazing, everyone was in awe at how great there were. Incredible! Thank you for helping with all of the arrangements! Kind regards, Melanie xx


60th Birthday Party Band at the Villa Di Maiano Review

October, 2023

Dearest Molly, It was absolutely a pleasure to work with you!  The band was brilliant as was the DJ! We had a blast!!! And yes, we are still recovering but we will be in touch when we start planning the next one!  Warmest Wishes, Farina