Cover bands

So you have been left in charge of putting together a corporate function? If this is the first time you have been left “in charge” of such an event then you can be forgiven for feeling a little bit of out your depth.  There is so much to consider. Do you go for casual dress or black tie?  DJ for entertainment or do you start trawling through local cover bands?

These are just some of the things that you need to think about and you are bound to worry that you’ve forgotten something else.  So here is our Sensation Band guide to putting on an event.

The why, who, how, when, where and what of your event

One of the first things you need to think about when putting on a corporate function is the “why”.  Why is this event being held?  Is it a staff do?  Is it for a particular event – such as Christmas or an anniversary?  This will then help you figure out the “who” – as in who is going to be coming to the event?

Who is going to be coming will help you set the tone of your event – if it’s sponsors then you are likely to want it to be a bit fancy and “showy”.  If it’s just staff (and maybe their families) then you may want it to be a bit more down to earth, relaxed and with a heavy emphasis on fun.

Once you know this it is vital that you work out how much you have to spend.  A budget is essential as it will allow you to work out how much you have to spend in total, and then where you can make cut backs if you want to spend more on certain items. Perhaps it is more important that you spend big on the catering than the décor, or perhaps entertainment is going to be your biggest luxury item.

When you are going to hold your event is also vital.  If it’s a seasonal function then you will be someone tied to a particular time; however, if it’s a “just because” you may be able to be more flexible. Remember that off peak events, those held in the middle of the week for example, tend to be cheaper so it’s always worth considering how flexible you can be in terms of dates.

Where is of course important and will be dictated by many of the other issues.  Do you need a large venue or an intimate one?  Will only locals be coming or will people be travelling from further afield? Should it be a hotel so that people have somewhere to stay overnight?

And finally, what do you want people to go away thinking about your event?  Do they want to have ooohed and ahhed at the colour scheme and theme, or do you want them to dance so hard they wear a hole in the dancefloor?

Here at Sensation Band we understand all the different elements you have to consider when putting on an event, and are here to make the entertainment decisions really easy for you. Just give us a call on 0208 1234 851 to discuss your function in more detail and to see if we can help.