Coverbands can get a bad press sometimes, there’s no doubt about that. Certain bands do pretty well out of their music – take famous tribute bands such as The Australian Pink Floyd, Zoso or Zepparella (Led Zeppelin), Livewire (AC/DC) or Rumours of Fleetwood Mac. Sometimes the music is so good you could be forgiven for thinking you were attending the real thing.

With coverbands you get something slightly different. You have a group of musicians who play a variety of styles, and sing a range of songs. This can be difficult to master, and many groups just sound like poor karaoke. Perhaps at their worst, they have backing tracks that include the backing vocals too.

If you’re planning a special event – be that a wedding, a corporate function, and anniversary or birthday celebration for example, then ideally you want a coverband that can really get a joint jumping. Don’t settle for second best, find yourself a cover band that is not a pastiche, one that takes a huge amount of pride in what they do, one that offers you quality and professionalism.

Choose Sensation Band

Here at Sensation Band we’re a covers band with a difference. We are 100% serious about the music we make and the vibe we create. We’re a band made up of professional singers and musicians playing their own top quality and expensive instruments. We don’t play the same set list night after night at every gig we attend, far from it. We have a huge repertoire of songs that we can choose form and once we know what mood you’re looking to create for your evening’s entertainment we’ll set to work creating the buzz you need.

Coverbands don’t come better than us

And we can prove it! Take a look at our website and you’ll see hundreds of music samples and video clips that were recorded live at functions we’ve attended. We don’t edit them afterwards – that is actually us playing live. What we do manage however, is take our own sound engineer out on the road with us so that we can mix the best sound possible at every venue.

You can see from the website that we offer a wide range of styles, from club classics to lounge and jazz, and we bring it bang up to date with contemporary favourites. It’s our mission to get everyone up and partying – it makes us happy.

Contact us

You can’t go wrong if you choose Sensation Band for your event. We can play for you at any function or venue you choose, just contact us to discuss the details. Call us on 0208 123 4851 to find out whether we have your dates available and let’s take it from there.