October, 2022

Destination Wedding Band in Tuscany Review

Hi Jason, Molly, Richard (and please send on to the whole team!),

This note is embarrassingly overdue but we are basically just re-emerging from what (we think) was the event of a lifetime, purely thanks to y’all.

In our family (old and new), we love music and y’all exhibited exactly why – you brought the whole crowd together, injected the energy and the love so that each guest wanted to dance all night (including my father in law who hadn’t danced in 30 years!).

You had Brits dancing with Americans, “old people” dancing with “young people” – no one could resist. Thinking of our first dance brings me to tears, not because of my lack of rhythm or Ivo’s flailing limbs, but because of the way you sang this song that is so special to us, and made it even more special and love filled.

I’m crying now – I’m all over the shop! Y’all are just the very best and I cannot thank you enough for making our wedding what it was. My only regret is not getting to spend more time with each of you, and not being able to thank you appropriately in person.

Although I did enjoy a fleeting sight of Jason the other day. Though words would never be enough! Thank you thank you thank you!