dj for hire

There are dj’s and there are dj’s extraordinaire. No doubt about it the dj you book for your wedding or party celebration will have a huge influence over the success of the event – or not. The self-indulgent ones tend to get carried away with pleasing their own ears rather than those of their paying hosts and their guests.

Whether you’re tying the knot, or celebrating a special anniversary, if you’re looking for a dj for hire he must have right mix of music and personality that best fits who you are and that of your family and friends. How he performs is crucial to making sure that your special day is truly a memorable one.  The thing is – are you ready to trust the success of your important day to just any guy who has a set of turntables and MP3 players? That friend of a friend or the cheapest DJ you can find?

Plan ahead and make a shortlist

Not the way to go when choosing a dj for hire. In fact, it could be the start of a disaster for which you’ll never forgive yourself. Plan ahead and make a shortlist of established private function dj’s in your locality who have the resources, skills and dedication to make sure your event goes smoothly, is totally enjoyed by all and lead to being a big part of the lasting memories from the occasion.

Finding a professional local dj for hire can often be hard work but if you’ve decided that he or she is the right entertainment for your wedding or party then you’ll likely be scouting the internet for a suitable person to fit the bill. They should offer a cost effective service tailored to your requirements and on the day play the music you and your guests actually want to hear, not what they think you should be listening to and ignoring any requests. From student dj’s and professional club dj’s, right the way through to wedding dj’s, so many of them sadly seem to have the same attitude. To play the music that they like and not necessarily what the client wants.

Ask the right questions of a dj for hire

So, when booking a dj for hire make sure you as the right questions and remember that, although the price is important, you are better off paying that little bit extra for a quality service.

Here are 8 questions you should be asking a dj for hire for your wedding gig or birthday party. They range from the obvious to slightly less so:

  • What do you charge and for what services?
  • How long do you play for?
  • What type of music do you normally play and do you take requests from guests?
  • I have booked a live band to perform on the same day who will provide a sound system. Would you be able to make use of it and, if that’s the case, can I get a price reduction?
  • Is disco lighting and effects provided?
  • How much electrical power does your equipment use?
  • The venue requires public liability insurance. Do you have this?
  • Is your equipment PAT tested?

Answer to your wedding entertainment prayers

London’s SensationBand could well be the answer to your dj for hire wedding entertainment prayers. They can feature both musicians and dj’s. The band size can range from a DJ Live package – that’s a dj with two musicians – right up to a 15-member band incorporating a stunning strings section for a real long lasting and memorable impression.