‘Hey, Mr DJ, play that song!’ Well, if he doesn’t have that song or few others that are favourites of yours and the guests at your private function or birthday party, you’ve booked the wrong man for the job. The fact is, it’s not his fault but yours. You should have made sure he had the right music playlists for your particular event and to suit the people there.

Chances are you hired him because it was a cheap cash-in-hand job with a couple of beers thrown in, he’s a friend of your cousin’s and is actually a postman. Oh yes – he probably also had to borrow the equipment to do the gig.

Wedding DJs or live music bands?

Well, maybe you’d have been better off hiring a live band. That’s a choice many couples planning their wedding day have to make – whether to hire a DJ for their reception or a band. The reception is probably the biggest ‘party’ a pair of newly-weds will throw, certainly in their younger lives, so they’ll want everyone there to have the best time possible. But how to go about it?

If it’s interaction with guests you are looking for then a cover band is the way to go. DJs can present a physical barrier between themselves and their audience, unlike a live music band at a private gig. Think of the console, decks and other electronic paraphernalia DJs surround themselves with. A good live band however is both tangible and tactile. An enthusiastic front man can engage with the guests and contribute to the fun of the whole experience.

Invitation only functions

Live music at a wedding reception, private party or other invitation only function inevitably gets guest up and dancing in a short space of time from the band striking up. The sound will be extremely full and the set enhances the party atmosphere. Cover and tribute bands are ideal for wedding receptions but there can be big variations in the quality produced. Live bands can also score over dj’s because they can add soul to themed weddings. Certain bands work almost exclusively in specific genres of music such as Swing, Jazz, Rock’nRoll, Glenn Miller style brassy ensembles, 80’s tribute bands and so it goes on.

Live bands are more expensive than dj’s as, put simply, there are more heads to be paid – and they’re professional musicians and singers at that. One of London’s favourites for all kinds of private functions is the multi-talented SensationBand. They are dedicated to ensuring that every event they play at leaves guests wanting more.

Stunning renditions from SensationBand

They playing stunning renditions of the most popular covers ranging from chart hits of the 1960’s all the way through to an extensive repertoire of the current big hits. The SensationBand, whose members have played with some of the top names in the music business like Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen, guarantee to fill the dance floors every time they play.

The SensationBand outfit could well be the answer to your wedding entertainment prayers, for they can feature both musicians and dj’s. The band size can range from a DJ Live package – that’s a dj with two musicians – right up to a 15-member band incorporating a stunning strings section for a real long lasting and memorable impression.