May, 2016

Dublin Wedding Band

Jason! Hope all is well.

Tom and I both wanted to say a massive thank you for the incredible job you did at our wedding. From our side, you were incredible with everything! You were so helpful in the run up to the event, with all the staging, sound, extra musicians etc., it was brilliant to have your input in the organisation. And then on the night itself, you were amazing. I can’t even begin to tell you the number of people who said to me, that they couldn’t believe it wasn’t the actual artist performing, as opposed to a different band altogether! My friends had a blast – and so did we. I can’t believe the Israeli dancing snuck in at the end. Not sure I loved it at the time but I survived ;). And it may well have been my friends’ favourite part, ha!

If I get any good pictures of you guys performing, I will be sure to send them on. And if you want me to write a testimonial for your site/facebook, just ask. Feel free to use comments above but you may want something more coherent!

Will let you know the next time I’m free in London for sure – would be great to see you, and meet your family! For now, I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend, BIG thanks again, and chat soon,

Natasha x