find a band

Great musical entertainment, especially from a live band, is at the core of success with a wedding reception which will be the toast of your guests for decades after the confetti has long all blown away and the cake been eaten.

It’s a fact that good entertainment at weddings scores higher than the food quality and variety in surveys which have been taken. Without it the event can trail off into boredom or crash and burn altogether. Live music performed well by professional musicians, who can be found local to you of course, adds life and zest to the very soul of your party and reception revellers.

Find a band for your big ‘do’

Yes, when you start to find a band for your big ‘do’ you will find their costs are higher than getting in a DJ or, going right down the scale, playing stuff from your own music playing and broadcasting devices. Look at it as an investment. When setting out to find a band for your reception, it is important to research your task wisely. Your aim is of course to ultimately ensure you and your guests have the greatest enjoyment possible.

Advice to help choose the right performers

To find a band for you here are three big slabs of advice to help you choose the right performers for your big day. These are:

  • It may be your big day and your preferences are top priority, but never overlook the preferences of those attending. Have a good think about what your guests may be interested in listening to and of course getting up and strutting their stuff to on the dance floor. If you’re a young wedding couple and your guests are mostly in your age bracket, find a band that plays contemporary music and covers. If your guests are a mix of ages, you need a band that can play a wide variety of styles which will appeal to a good cross-section of your guest with different tastes in music.
  • The more successful gigs behind them in a wide range of venues and scenarios over the years, the greater impact a live band will have on a crowd. Be advised though expect to pay more for professional bands compared to less experienced and even fledgling outfits. You get what you pay for at the end of your search to find a band and if your event is so special, like a wedding, then it’s worth going that extra mile on outlay. However, you do get young and relative newcomers to the private function scene who are excellent and will perform brilliantly for a modest fee. They may come highly recommended by someone you trust, which is good. But do try to see and hear their work beforehand to make sure.
  • Very important this one – get references and testimonials. Bands get asked to present these all the time, so do not hesitate to be any different. Glowing accolades to their abilities will be able to give you a solid assessment of how good the band is. What you want to know is if they were punctual, professional in their dealings with the hosts and organisers, delivered what was agreed beforehand and stated in writing, combined with a fee applicable to their talents and performance.