find me a band

Think about it. When planning your wedding or some other lifetime social event, you’d want to record it for posterity. At your wedding, you’d want to have a professional photographer present with plenty of experience in covering such events, the right equipment and skills for the job,  the knowledge and personality to get on with people in order to help make your day the best possible. You’d have the peace of mind of him or her producing some beautiful wedding pictures which you and your family and friends can treasure forever.

All about professionalism

What you wouldn’t be is daft enough to make the risky move of hiring some cheap amateur snapper who has a completely different job during the week and does a bit of photography on the side for extra cash. It’s all about professionalism. If you know something about music of course, your best friend or brother soon to get married might come up to you and say: ‘Look. I’m really busy with other things before the wedding. You know about music and bands. Can you find me a band for the wedding?’ At which point you could freeze! Don’t panic. With a vast array of excellent musicians available on the UK music circuits for private functions, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Just do your homework properly.

Learn from other’s mistakes. Here’s one sad tale: ‘My younger brother’s friend said he played in a band. Well, we liked him and the quote he came up with was cheap so we booked them for our wedding. What a mistake. On the day it was so awful. They were late for the reception and then took ages to set up. Once they did start they were so loud and they played songs they liked but which we and few of the guests knew. As a result, no-one got up to dance and several of the guests actually left after an hour. They were dressed in jeans and scruffy T-shirts and one actually got drunk and upset my nephew. They totally spoilt our big day. We wished we had never heard of them let alone book them. To find me a band like that, how did we get it so wrong?’

Make your party or wedding buzz

Hiring a professional and experienced band will make your party or wedding buzz with excitement and create that special atmosphere. It just can’t be matched by other forms of entertainment. The musicians will know how much the day means to you and will do everything in their power to make your wedding reception or other private event a truly memorable occasion.

Still worried about the outlay when someone says ‘find me a band?’ Look at it this way. Think how much it would cost to hire an electrician on a Saturday from 2pm until midnight, or even later. Just multiply that by four – the price of a four-member band’s quote. These are professional people. Such bands are highly skilled and command a lot of respect not only from their past customers but their contemporary musicians. They’ve been crafting their skills for years with their instrument of choice and have shown their abilities in likely thousands of performances.

You’re requested by a friend to ‘find me a band’

One such top London-based band is the SensationBand. ‘Find me a band’ requests a friend and you’d be hard pressed to find better than the SensationBand. When you do the easiest thing possible to find the right band – by using Google search on the Internet – their name’s likely to pop up when typing in ‘find me a band in London.’ The band’s members have worked in session and on stage with many great names in the music business – Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, Mark Ronson, Incognito, Tao Cruz as well as many other renowned recording artists.

SensationBand sought after in London

Carefully selected for their versatile talents and the energy they bring to each and every performance, the SensationBand from London is the crème de la creme. Like many other top musicians, they are sought after for different performances, musical projects and studio recordings. So when someone utters to you ‘find me a band’ it’s wise to remember that the difference between hiring professional musicians and amateurs is that the former will impact on the quality of sound, performance and overall standard of service provided for that all important event.