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Function bands in London

Function bands in London are around for whatever type of music you may want for whatever type of occasion you want them to play for.  The problem from the hosts point of view, is finding the right function bands in London that will give a good performance of the type of music they want for their celebration.  There are a number of steps the host should work their way through to help achieve this.

Step 1 – Decide on what type of music you will be looking for from the function bands in London.

There is such a huge variety available, but most people have their favourites. Just some of the more popular ones are:

  • Tributes bands for such past acts as the Beatles and Abba, as well current acts like Robbie Williams are just a sample of popular choices
  • Salsa bands for those who want an evening full of energy and vibrant music
  • Swing for a night of easy listening
  • Klezmer if traditional Jewish music is what you would like
  • Jazz bands
  • Funk bands
  • Show bands with all the songs from famous films and musicals

Step 2 – Among the function bands in London, pick maybe 4 or 5 to look at closer

When you add your choice of music to the search you are making for function bands in London, the number you are looking at will be reduced.  Look closer at maybe 4 or 5 of them to see if any of these may be suitable.  Most bands have videos of live performances on their websites, and you should take the time to watch them to get a feel for the quality they produce.

Step 3 – Try to see them live

Out of that 4 or 5 pick maybe 2 that look the most hopeful and find out if they have any public appearances in the near future that you can attend. You want a band that not only performs well, but engages the audience as well.

Step 4  – Communicate

If they are both good, contact them to ask about prices and see what sort of reception you get.  A friendly approach from them from the start will probably continue through till the end of the job, and will make the planning of your entertainment much easier.  Make sure the price they give you includes everything, and make it clear that you want it to.

Step 5 – Read the contract carefully

Any good band will want you to sign a contract, and this will protect you as much as them.  Read the details as they should include what you and they have agreed are the key points of your function, and you need to tell them at this stage if something is not right.

Step 6 – Enjoy your function

If you have chosen the Sensation Band, all you need to do now is enjoy the excellent show of your function, and be happy in the knowledge that you have provided your guests with one of the best evenings entertainment they will ever have.