November, 2019

Heart, Soul & Energy

Hi Laura,

We just settled into our honeymoon in Sardinia and just now have had a chance to thank you.

We are so thankful to you guys, profoundly, everyone thought that we got the best wedding band they had ever seen and indeed Natalie and I were so so happy at how band brought in so much heart soul and energy and rhythm that was exactly what we were hoping for everyone that night!

Apologies that Natalie and I did not get  chance to say hello to the band members ourselves- I wanted to personally thank each one and say how great they are – tha dancing, the vibe and the voices were wow!

To Richard – your leadership and direction was really amazing and O congratulate you for this amazing band you have put together. We loved to songs you played and just moving the energy to that “higher place” Thank you! Please extend thanks to the singers, percussionist and guitarist who were all so excellent.

Warmest regards,

Juan and Natalie