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You have been promoted recently and you want to throw a party for both your Jewish and non-Jewish friends and of course you want it to be the talk of the town for days to come. What would you do? Hire the best venue available, arrange for delicious food with overflowing wine and invite a glittering guest list?

If that were all, wouldn’t you be forgetting something? The music of course. It’s the only aspect that turns a Jewish party from great to amazing. Instead of the usual DJ playing pre-recorded music go for a live Jewish party music band. When you hire a live band for your party the atmosphere turns electric and that’s exactly how you want your party to be.

Best recipe for a successful party

The music may make them party animals and they might spend the whole night on the dance floor. Great Jewish party music can, almost in an instant, turn the atmosphere wild and joyful and make the guests shout for more long into the evening. Undoubtedly, as a member of the Israeli community, Jewish party music is the best recipe for a successful party.

You can actually hire a live band for any kind of Jewish party or event – from weddings to anniversaries, from reunion parties to birthdays, and from corporate parties to a farewell ‘do.’ There are so many live Jewish party music bands to choose from. You can either go for a function-type band specialising in Hebrew songs and dance, traditional or modern, or a music-genre based one dedicated to your choice in Yiddish music.

Secular and Jewish party music

Alternatively there are other types of bands from the more secular quarter. Some play specialist music while others play music in one particular decade like the 60’s or 70’s. Others pay tribute to legendary musicians and bands by imitating them. Again, you’ll have a large selection of bands to choose from.

Having a themed party is a good idea and not entirely restricted to young people celebrating their Barmitzvah or Batmitzvah, or you could make your party different from the others. How about a revivalist Fiddler on the Roof themed party? Remember, the popularity of a party depends hugely on the creativity with which it is planned.

Come up with a theme

Think out of the box and come up with a theme and then arrange the party all around it. Starting from the décor to the design, from the cuisine to the guest dress code, everything should be according to the theme. And who else would make your theme spring up to life of course – your Jewish party music band.

One outfit that understands the traditional aspects involved in the London Jewish party music scene is the SensationBand. Few other Jewish party bands in the capital work so hard in their performances to make the whole party event a musically tight, seamless and truly memorable occasion more than SensationBand.

SensationBand’s extensive performance repertoire

Jewish party music – for both traditional get-togethers and those with a modern slant – is a significant part of SensationBand’s extensive performance repertoire. The truly versatile musicians and singers in SensationBand are ever popular with the Barmitzvah and Batmitzvahs crowd in London especially, playing all the favourites among the modern Jewish community.

The young, fresh look and feel of the band has a huge appeal and SensationBand offers joyful Simcha music to really hype up traditional Israeli dancing, so much an important part of Jewish party music. In searching for the right band for your Jewish celebration in the capital, go online and Google ‘Jewish party music London’ and you’ll find SensationBand right towards the top of your search listings. You can be assured of maximum impact from the entertainment at your Jewish party in London or any function event in the UK with SensationBand.