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Selecting the right entertainment for a Jewish wedding, especially one held in London, can be a difficult task for any young couple and one that they need to plan for well in order that their big day runs smoothly and hitch-free.

Part of the problem is the sheer choice of bands available in and around the capital for Jewish weddings, but one thing’s for sure – the newly-weds will want an amazing live band in the evening and ultimately it’s a matter of comparing the choice of musicians and singers available. This is obviously best done by either searching the Internet or asking along the grapevine. Bands for Jewish weddings in your area can be found online or by getting advice from friends and family in the Jewish community. Check out any recommendations they may have. Obviously it’s important that the band they eventually choose actually have many years experience in performing at Jewish weddings.

Jewish weddings – traditional and contemporary

But what’s the ‘norm’ in terms of format for a Jewish wedding? Well, actually, there isn’t one! Any wedding is a special event designed to meet the requirements of a bride and groom as they come together on their special day and the Jewish wedding is no exception. Jewish weddings can be as traditional or contemporary as desired and live bands catering for such events can the organisers mix traditional Jewish dances with more contemporary and secular music. So, the real choice for the couple is what to include in the entertainment for their special day based on how traditional the wedding festivities are planned to be.

Modern Jewish couples may decide to make part of their wedding reception music geared specifically to classic traditional dances. Whilst this is down to the pair themselves, the decision-making is often influenced by the family or guests who would be expecting those dances associated with more traditional Jewish weddings. The couple should discuss their wishes and feelings with the wedding bands they are considering for their big day and have the details confirmed in a contract so all concerned know exactly what the format is to be.

The Chuppah ceremony

For the Chuppah, or marriage ceremony itself, many a Jewish bride and groom like to have traditional, live music which will normally come in the form of a duo or a trio. Usually this comprises a clarinet, accordion and double bass. Getting the music right for the Chuppah for a particular Jewish couple is extremely important and the wedding band’s repertoire has to be selected with great care.

A traditional band for Jewish weddings can play for 15 to 20 minutes while the guests arrive and are seated. They play music throughout the ceremony – where requested – and at the end of it, during which time the guests make their way to the drinks reception. The Jewish wedding band is, by necessity, acoustic and therefore they’re able to play their instruments whilst leading the guests into the reception room. The band’s attention then carries on with focussing on a Simcha set of music to get the dancing and party atmosphere started.

Jewish Wedding Toastmaster

To ensure your special day goes without a hitch you should consider a –  Young, Modern, Unique ,Informal and Lively

Award Jewish wedding and events toastmaster and Coordinator and Master of Ceremonies