Live band hire

Just like seeing a live play in a theatre is so much more special than watching the same play on TV, so is having live music at a special event, rather than a DJ playing discs or tapes.  Live band hire these days is so much easier to arrange, and there is such a huge choice of themes and music types available.

In fact, most people are spoilt for choice and this can make it very difficult to pick the right band for your special event. There are a few things that you can do that might make the process of find the right live band to hire a bit simpler for you.

Searching the Internet for live band hire

Searching the Internet for live band hire is the course of action most people will start with, but putting live band hire into your search engine will bring many hundreds of results. You need to be able to narrow the search with more specifics to reduce the options.

Consider the type of music you want

There are many different types of music to choose from, and most people have a favourite.  It really depends on what type of event you are holding, and the guests you are inviting. You could have a themed event such as a 60’s night, or a swing evening perhaps, or it could be that you fancy a salsa band for a very lively and vibrant night.  Once you have decided, add your choice to the live band hire in your search engine, and at least you will have reduced the numbers you are now looking at.

Listen to their demonstrations

Most bands websites have videos and audio tracks for you to sample their performances.  Take the time to do this, as this will get rid of quite a few more, either because you do not like the sound of them, the way they look, or they way they act on stage.

Communicate with them

Hopefully, you will be able to narrow your search down to just 2 or 3 once you have done this, and the next thing you should do is call them.  This initial contact is very important because if they are not friendly and helpful at this stage, it does not bode well for them being any different in the future.

Make sure the price includes everything

When you are speaking with them ask for a quote, and make it very clear that you want the price to include everything, no hidden costs.  Be prepared for travel to be included if they are not local to the venue, and possibly subsistence costs as well.

The Sensation Band

There is every possibility that no matter what type of music you have narrowed your search to, the Sensation Band will be one of results.  This is because this group of experienced professional musicians and vocalists offer entertainment tailored to whatever you want, no matter what your choice of music is.  They will provide you and your guests with a show to remember, which is why they are rebooked so many times.