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Live Jewish wedding band

An experienced Jewish wedding band

If you have ever seen your favourite band play live then you will know that feeling of listening to live music on stage. Nothing gets the heart racing and the blood pumping more than a band playing your favourite songs in a way that sounds fresh and invigorating as opposed to all those tired tribute bands out there who are, sorry to say, just going through the motions with a pre-recorded backing track. Live music is especially important if you are looking to hire a Jewish wedding band, and if you are, then Sensation Band is the band for you.

Dancing the night away in front of Sensation Band is a feeling you won’t forget in a hurry. The clue is in the name really…Sensation Band. There are a whole host of new sensations you will experience when our experienced musicians and singers take to the stage to provide you with the perfect world-class Jewish wedding band experience.

We believe that every occasion is special and unique and we go out of our way as a band of professional artists to ensure that the soundtrack to your special occasion is as special as the occasion itself. You can choose the set list and if you are very lucky (!) you might even be allowed to get your hands on a microphone yourself (!)

All sorts of occasions, all the time

As a band of professional musicians and vocalists the range of our skills and the engagements we have played at is vast. Think of an occasion and we will have most likely played it. Mind you, we are always on the lookout for a challenge so if you have an occasion you think we haven’t covered and want to put us to the test, contact us here.

We’ve provided a musical soundscape for many of the following:

  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Barmitzvahs
  • Batmitzvahs
  • Engagements
  • Anniversaries
  • Corporate events
  • Simcha
  • Awards ceremonies

What’s more we have played at these events in some of the most conventional and unconventional locations you could think of. We may be the UK’s best party band but we are also an extremely well travelled band. From a band numbering 6-8 for smaller functions right up to 15 for those bigger band experiences, we have done it all.

But while you might be thinking ‘that’s the music sorted, now the catering’ there is much more to Sensation Band. We have a dedicated UK events and production team based in London who can oversee your event from beginning to end. That means finding the location, supplying the marquee, dealing with the caterers, flowers, stage and lighting, place settings –well all of it really. 2008 saw us become just more than a party band and become the one-stop-shop for everything to make your special occasion complete.

Get in touch today

Take a look at what we do here and when you have, give us a call to discuss the nature of your special occasion and what you would like it to be. From our point of view, we want it to be the best it can be and be something that everyone will be talking about for years to come.

There are many satisfied customers who have used our services and on more than one occasion too. You can read what they have to say about Sensation Band and our events planning services here. All of our reviews show 100% satisfaction guaranteed and more than 100% delivered.

Call Sensation Band today on 0208 123 4851 and speak to one of the team about your special event, or drop us a line using the contact form which is located here.  When contacting us using this form please advise us of the nature of your event and the all important date on which you plan to host it. We know that once you have seen and heard us (which you can do here) we will become your new favourite live band.