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Live Music for Weddings

One of the most important aspects of any evening wedding reception is the type of music chosen by the bride and groom. Normally such a personal choice, this aspect sometimes has to be put on hold in order to appeal to guests from a range of generations. Finding a happy compromise to suit all ages and tastes can seem impossible, and that is without even considering the bride and groom’s preference.

DJ or live band?

The first decision to be made is whether to choose a DJ or a live band. Live music for weddings is a very popular choice as it adds a certain ‘something’ to the event. Is that a unique ambience, a sense of inclusion that a live band can bring, or a special memory that lives on well after the reception ends? Whatever the addition of live music brings to a wedding reception, there is a wealth of choice of bands providing live music for weddings – you just have to make a well-informed and careful selection.

Jazz and swing bands are particularly popular as they bring a sense of energy and joy to the event. The older generation are more likely to get up on the dance floor to show off their moves, and as the music is so upbeat other guests will follow. That is the advantage of choosing live music for weddings, as in addition to the band providing a certain type of music, they can also alter the tempo throughout the evening if necessary.

Who chooses live music for weddings?

In recent years, live wedding bands have become very popular with couples. Even if there is no specific wedding theme, there are many excellent bands that play a range of different types of music. So a bride can choose a wedding band to play a mixture of music from the 80s and 90s, but included in the playlist could be a slow ‘first dance’ and a special piece for cutting the cake.

The flexibility of choosing live music for weddings is what makes it appealing – this and the feeling of the uniqueness of your own wedding. It becomes memorable because of this unique atmosphere that live music creates, and stays in the minds of guests long after a DJ has finished playing their tracks.

Research your choice

The key to successfully hiring live music for weddings is in the amount of research undertaken beforehand. Leaving enough time to search for, listen to, and contact a shortlist of bands is vital if you want to make the right choice. Choices such as whether you want a professional, semi-professional, or amateur band will naturally whittle down the list, and a little focus is then all that is required to ensure that your wedding reception is a success.