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live music wedding bands

It should be next on the list after selecting the right reception venue for your wedding – the entertainment for guests. These have to be the two most fundamental parts of the wedding plan to put in place before you start looking at other things. Even what to wear!

But how do you find the right band for your wedding? Well, it can be mind boggling. There are so many more live music wedding bands in the London area today than ever before. There are lots of places you can look to secure the best live band for your occasion and budget.


Your guide to live music wedding bands

Here’s a detailed guide to help you pick the best live music wedding bands London has to offer and the vital questions you should be asking when booking a band:

  • Go online. Perhaps the most obvious and maybe easiest these days is to use the Internet. It has clear advantages because a click on a link from a search engine will take you to the band’s website. Here you’ll be able to see and hear music samples, photos, and videos of the band in live performance scenarios. A search engine like Google is a great way to find a band in the London area simply by typing in something like ‘live wedding bands London.’ It should then present you with several pages of results of ads and listings for live music wedding bands in the capital. For example, the multi-talented musicians comprising SensationBand.
  • Take your time. Employ a bit of patience in going through those which appeal and you’ll get a good idea of their professionalism and performance. The website should also have testimonials from past customers. If they have put a lot of effort into their website generally and bothered to record good audio and video in place, you’ll know they’re serious about what they do. If what you see is awful, then it’s time to swiftly move on.
  • Wedding shows. Perhaps a more traditional way to find good live music wedding bands in London. Wedding shows or fairs, as they’re sometimes called, are usually advertised extensively in the press, posters and magazines serving the area. There are usually a few of them each year as they’re big business. A wedding band worth its salt will want to exhibit at these shows and of course one of the main advantages here is that you’ll be able to speak to band representative face to face. You can instant feedback to all your questions  in terms of booking – for example whether the date of your big day is free or not, negotiate fees, if they could personalise their act to your event, theme type, and so on.
  • Adverts in popular wedding magazines and press sections. These adverts will often contain quotes about the band, direct phone and email contact details and website links.
  • Wedding band agencies in London. Agencies specialising in wedding music bookings are another way that you can find excellent live music wedding bands. The benefits of booking through an agent are that they usually have loads of bands on their books and can help you find one who could tailor their act to your specific needs, budget and marriage date.
  • Directories and classified adverts in the London media. Live music wedding bands wedding will often put listings and block adverts in these.

Of course, you’ve already found the website of a London band that everyone is raving about! Sensation Band are professional, exceptional and ready to play your wedding, party or any other event. Contact us today to find out more.