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Live Wedding Music

How to have live wedding music at your reception even if you are on a budget

Many brides-to-be dream of having a band playing live music at their wedding reception. They know that it creates a very special atmosphere, and are determined to achieve this even if they are on a limited budget. So how do they go about choosing the right band for them, and make their live wedding music dream come true?

Know your budget

It pays to be financially organised when arranging your wedding, as well as being organised in the practical sense. One will impact on the other if you are not careful, and you may end up having to rein in your wedding plans a little.

Formulating a budget to include specific items such as live wedding music will help you to stay firmly in control, and within your financial limits. It will be a time-consuming process to begin with as you will need to obtain quotes for each aspect of your wedding celebration, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Be selective about your live wedding music

Being on a tight budget could still allow you to hire a live band, but you may need to be selective about certain elements. For example, you could choose to hire a 5-piece wedding band instead of a 7-piece band, or hire them for a specific part of your wedding reception rather than all evening.

By compromising a little between your dream and the financial realities of your budget, you can still achieve most of what you want. Live wedding music bands are often flexible in their line-up or the amount of time they play, so start a shortlist of bands and contact them to find out if they can help.

Be open-minded about other areas of your wedding

If after discussing it with your partner, you find that neither of you will be devastated if you do not have the firework display you planned for the end of your reception, money saved here could allow you to hire the wedding band of your choice. Given the British weather, it could be too wet for fireworks anyway, and just another source of stress!

It might just need a closer look at the overall plans for your wedding, to make the adjustments necessary to incorporate the most important elements for you as a couple. If live wedding music is one of those elements, take a look and see where some savings can be made.

A successful wedding is often down to good planning and clever budgeting. If you are on a budget, take some time to work out what you really want and make some compromises to achieve it.