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Local bands for hire

When you are holding a celebration, perhaps for a birthday, an anniversary, or it could be a corporate event or a wedding you will find that for entertainment value and enjoyment, nothing beats a live band. Your first instinct is probably to try and find one of the local bands for hire, but if you want your event to stand out from the rest, that is not always the best option.

Looking at the local bands for hire

By looking at the local bands for hire, you may well find one that is good enough and suits your needs, but that sounds a bit like you are ‘making do’.  What you should be doing is looking at bands all over the country, to find one that is perfect for what you want, and one that will tailor their performance to more than suit your needs.

One of the problems with local bands for hire is that they may not have the experience or flexibility to handle a large function with panache.  If they have only ever performed locally they could well have a very limited song list, and probably no back up if one of them falls ill.

To be able to perform 2 sets of one hour each, or three shorter sets, needs a huge amount of musical numbers, as well as the vitality and versatility to be able to be just as enthusiastic for the last song, as they were with the first.

The professionals have it

Professional musicians and singers are used to working to these time scales, and much more.  Most professionals, and certainly the members of the Sensation Band, play and sing because it is what they love to do, and if you are lucky enough to love your job you will always produce better results.

They will not be phased by guests requests that are not part of the show, after all you have hired the band to please your guests, and that is what the Sensation Band always endeavors to do.

Themed events

Another problem you may have with local bands is if you want a themed event.

Would they be able to cope with a Beatles night, an Abba night or maybe a swing or salsa evening? Doubtful – you need the experts for this sort of event.  They can be amazing shows, but only if the songs sound something like the original,  at the right speed with the harmonies in the correct places.

You wouldn’t want to hear the Kinks ‘You Really Got Me’ at half speed, or Robbie Williams ‘Angels’ speeded up, and can you imagine Roy Orbison’s ‘Pretty Woman” sung any way other than how he sang it?  These are just three examples, but imagine a whole evening of songs done in this way and your guests would be sitting making polite conversation rather than singing along with all the hits they know, and getting up on the dance floor.

People are always more likely to join in the fun if they are enjoying the music, and that’s what will happen if you hire the Sensation Band.