London bands

London has been described as the hub of the universe when it comes to entertainment - particularly where live music bands are concerned. A great number of top bands have started out here - Blur, The Clash and of course The Sex Pistols. On any given night of the week, the capital is teeming with world-famous groups and unknown acts, playing to enthusiastic crowds.

Corporate @ Battersea Evolution


Sensation Band entertaining guests at a corporate party at the Battersea Evolution!

Israeli Dancing Simcha Set


Wonderful atmosphere: Israeli Dancing Simcha Set at the Grosvenor House Hotel

Tenerife Corporate Party


Bringing in even more heat in Tenerife for a corporate Party!

That tradition of creating famous names in the UK music business has led to a specific new talent seen in many bands in the capital who provide excellent cover versions of songs and acts at weddings, parties, corporate events and the good old-fashioned company knees-up at the end of the year. So what about if you want to hire a covers band for a private function? Where do you start and what do London bands have to offer? Read on..

Huge range of London function bands

For special events there are a huge range of London function bands available. Of course the quality and performance of these bands varies greatly but because the UK capital feeds the popular music scene there tends to be more bands that are professional acts of a high calibre than not. Many bands are drawn to London to further their musical careers and there’s no doubt they’re serious about music. Many set up as London bands creating cover versions of songs which have been hits for the top names in the business and in their efforts to perfect their acts they also find it a great way to develop as musicians.

All this of course is great for news for those looking to hire a band as the choice and variety of bands in the capital today is massive. London bands performing cover songs tend to start in local pubs and clubs, often playing for free or next to nothing. It’s all a case of trying to build up a following but, once established, these London bands can demand higher fees for private function gigs or when live bands appear on the public performance circuit.


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Sensation Band among top London bands for private functions

Among top London bands for private functions is Sensation Band and its members are dedicated to ensuring that every event leaves guests wanting for more. Sensation Band create stunning renditions of the most popular covers ranging from the 60's all the way through to an extensive repertoire of the current big hits that guarantees to fill the dance floor every time.

If you are looking to hire one of these live London bands for a private event then one which has reached this level is a best option. Take time out to visit music venues in the city and get a feel for what’s out there. London wedding bands for example are considered some of the best entertainers in the business. London bands doing tribute acts are also becoming increasingly popular. There are a huge range of look-a-like and sound-a-like bands and singers available like ABBA and Queen tributes.

Tribute bands in London area

Tribute bands in the London area have led the way in a trend was has fast spread throughout the rest of the UK. As with most things in the country’s capital, you can of course expect to pay slightly more than you would in the provinces. There are highly talented bands from outside the city who are willing to travel in and become London bands for a day - and are usually less expensive of course.