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London music band

You may think a London music band who can recreate the sounds of Boney M or The Goombay Dance band are the best thing since sliced bread. But just because you’re into 70’s revivalist stuff doesn’t mean the rest of the guests at your party or wedding reception are going to thrill about them. Chances are they wouldn’t!

That’s why it’s so important when booking a London music band for an event to be attended by a wide variety of ages, tastes and backgrounds to go for a versatile ensemble which could indeed belt out the odd Boney M classic but also be able to turn their talents to performing everything from music of the 40’ and 50’s right through to the latest chart hits.

Entertainment remembered most by guests

A survey carried out by a certain national magazine for brides to be found that 80 per cent of guests at past wedding receptions said that the entertainment is what they remembered most about the event, with 72 per cent of polled newly-weds confessing that they wished they had spent more time choosing the entertainment before booking. Presumably this was because, at best, it didn’t live up to their expectations and at worst, it was a disaster.

Before booking a London music band for your event in the capital, there are several things to consider. The band’s performance can have a huge impact on the overall success of the event, or not, or perhaps impact for all the wrong reasons. The musicians’ reputation and performance style should be gone into in some depth before agreeing to hire them. They should certainly be able provide their own equipment for your big event and offer an extensive list of songs and musical styles to suit all the guests. To protect yourself – and them – you should have a written contract drawn up.

London music band atmosphere

The London music band you choose must rise to the occasion when it comes to creating the right atmosphere. Typical ensembles include jazz trios, brass or string quartet, or a flute and harp duet. Instrument categories to choose from include woodwinds, brass, strings and voice. If a piano and other keyboard instruments are to part of the live performance, then they must be top notch and correctly tuned and well sounding.

Often, the best London music band can be one recommended by those who have had them at their own event with great success. Well up in the list for the capital is the SensationBand, whose professional musicians have backed some of the greatest performers in the UK music business, like Lily Allen and the late Amy Winehouse. They are guaranteed to get every guest on the dance floor with party sets covering music favourites from the last half century to hits of today.

SensationBand capture perfect vibe

SensationBand can provide accompaniment or background music for the wedding ceremony or party event, wedding reception background music including string quartets, dinner party entertainments or lounge music capturing that perfect vibe. Their package hire is very attractive – like a live DJ with two musicians, right up to a 15-piece band featuring a stunning strings section to make that truly memorable and lasting impression with hosts and guests alike.