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London party band

If you’re planning an event or party in the capital, you know that getting the entertainment just right can make or break the day. A great London party band is an essential component of a great event, but finding the perfect performer can be more than a little tricky.

A simple Google search for a London party band will present you with thousands of results. Luckily you’ve stumbled across us, and seeing as we’ve been dubbed the ‘hottest party band of the decade’, we know you’ll be in safe hands if you choose to work with us.

What makes a great London party band?

There are several key ingredients that go into making an amazing party band. Here are some of the most important features:

  • Experience: Inexperienced party bands will not be able to read your audience, therefore will not be able to modify their playlist or set to reflect the energy levels and tastes of the people they are playing for.
  • Expertise: Bum notes have no place in a good party band, so you need experienced and proficient musicians in the ensemble to ensure you get that professional polish on every track.
  • Knowledge: A great party band should have a repertoire of hundreds if not thousands of pieces which they can draw on at any time. This will enable them to tailor their performance to your audience’s preference, even if it turns out to be a bit unexpected.
  • Flexibility: A great party band should be able to accommodate audiences from an intimate 20 to a concert hall 20,000 as required. They should be able to change their ensemble, adopt a variety of styles and provide varying numbers of musicians in order to satisfy their client’s needs.
  • Professionalism: A professional London party band should turn up on time and act 100 per cent professionally throughout the event. This means getting blind drunk, swearing and smoking on stage are absolute no-no’s.

At Sensation Band, we know that we can promise to provide all this and much, much more to our customers. We are comfortable playing for any type of event, from outdoor festivals to corporate events, and promise a memorable time no matter what you ask us to do. With a range of musicians in our ensemble, and the ability to perform everything from classical to rock, we know you’ll be glad you chose to work with us.


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