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music for jewish wedding

Your wedding is such a special day and live music adds an elegant touch to the event. A great Jewish wedding band and its associate musicians can provide a large number of trumpet/organ, brass trio/quartet/quintet, and string trio/quartet arrangements of the most popular wedding music scores.

So, whether you listen to your mother, or indeed future mother-in-law, you may go with the traditional bridal march. There again you might want to pick something all your own.

Choosing music for Jewish wedding celebrations

Choosing music for Jewish wedding celebrations should be a pleasurable experience. You should discuss with family and be sure to include some standard choices from the wedding bands Jewish and Klezmer repertoire. Even for mixed-faith weddings, it’s a nice touch to add a few pieces of traditional Yiddish music and song to the ceremony.

For the actual marriage ceremony – the Chuppah – many couples like to have traditional, live music which will normally come in the form of a duo or a trio. Traditionally this would be a clarinet, accordion and double bass. Getting the music right for the Chuppah, as well as the music for Jewish wedding celebrations generally, is of paramount importance in the planning and a great band providing the right repertoire should always be selected carefully.

Talented klezmer acoustic trio

A talented klezmer trio will provide traditional music for Jewish wedding celebrations and the band can play 15 to 20 minutes while the guests arrive and are seated. They can play music throughout the ceremony where requested – so too at the end of the ceremony while the guests adjourn to the drinks reception. Klezmer largely being acoustic in sound, with mobility in the instruments themselves, the band members can play whilst leading the guests into the reception room and then carry on with the more energetic Simcha sets of dance music for Jewish wedding festivities.

The top Jewish live music bands available for hire in major cities like London should of course have a good, all-round knowledge of Klezmer, Israeli, Yiddish, Sephardi, Mizrahi, Ladino and Simcha instrumentals, vocals and dance music.

Spontaneous, energetic and soulful music

It’s a special collective which the best music for Jewish wedding bands can provide for spontaneous, energetic and soulful musical experiences at any party or private function. The band’s repertoire should include traditional and modern Jewish music for weddings as well as meaningful songs. Whatever the occasion, the band should be able to perform music for speciality Israeli led dancing which never fails to bring everyone onto the dance floor, perhaps with a disco to end the evening. Right up there with the best music for Jewish wedding celebrations is London’s SensationBand.

Versatile musicians and vocalists in SensationBand

The ever versatile musicians and vocalists who make up SensationBand are ever popular in the wedding party circuit in the London, playing all the favourites among the modern Jewish community from Hava Nagila to Gesher Tsar Meod. The young, fresh look and feel of the band has a huge appeal.

SensationBand offers a selection of high-energy sets of Simcha music to really stimulate the guests during the Hora dancing. All of SensationBand members understand the traditional aspects involved in Hebrew wedding celebrations and strive to make the whole event a truly memorable occasion.