music jewish

Music plays a very important role in the Jewish community and perhaps no more so than when it comes to family celebrations, particularly weddings. The concept of Jewish wedding festivities tends to prompt images among the non-Jewish groups of the folk tunes and Russian dancing seen in that classic Hebrew film Fiddler On The Roof. There is of course much more to it than that.

Today, music Jewish in true origin for weddings and other Yiddish celebrations tend to lean more towards contemporary, secular songs and instrumentals, but the vast majority still include some traditional Jewish music and dancing. However, the Jewish marriage ceremony itself remains the part of the wedding where music Jewish inherently is most likely to feature.

Different sets of music and song

For example, there are several different sets of music and song which are used to mark the entrance of the bride towards the marriage tent or Chuppah. The most popular is probably the instrumental Eshet Chayil, which means woman of great virtue and strength. Other religious music Jewish in derivation is played during the ceremony, often sung by a choir or a Chazan as the singers are known.

Probably as important as weddings for music Jewish community is the Bar Mitzvah ceremony, celebrating the point in his life when a Jewish boy turns 13-years-old and crosses from childhood to adult. In addition to a church service, the young teen usually has a separate Bar Mitzvah party, which recognises him among his friends both Jewish and non-Jewish, being allowed to have great fun with them. Planning a bar mitzvah party can be exciting, and requires an understanding of how the 13-year-old wants to celebrate his coming of age with music Jewish and non Jewish on offer to guests.

Bar Mitzvah party

Dance music is going to play a big part at the Bar Mitzvah party so in the planning of it rent a dance floor or have a space large enough at home to accommodate guests of all ages. You will might even consider the services of a dance teacher beforehand to allow the intended party-goers to familiarise themselves with the Israeli dance moves, whatever the guests’ skill levels in that quarter.

With a teenager and his peer group the focus of the attention is on a DJ – pretty much a must for the music entertainment – but the DJ should be hired along with a live band with knowledge of Klezmer music – the traditional secular music Jewish orientated for Ashkenazi and Hasidic Jews.

Music Jewish based

The lad becoming a man will make a speech and express his thoughts on the past week, with Torah readings, and stress why he is dedicated to the values of the Jewish teachings. It’s best to avoid the themed Bar Mitzvah party which focuses on sports, film or TV.  The teen will stay focused in celebrating the spiritual aspect of the Bar Mitzvah, which can still accommodate the 13-year-old’s interests, particularly musically. Just how much music Jewish based really has to be agreed between him, his parents and family.

Popular for celebrating music Jewish at Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah events in London and the UK are the versatile musicians and singers in SensationBand. They can perform all the favourites among the modern Jewish community in the capital and the young, fresh look and feel of the SensationBand has huge appeal for all ages, from teenagers to grans. Their Simcha music really hypes up traditional Israeli dancing, so much an important part of Jewish family celebrations. In searching for the right band for your Jewish wedding or Bar Mitzvah in London, go online and Google ‘music Jewish London’ and you’ll find a link to the SensationBand website.