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musicians needed

Ranging from pianists, harpists and guitarists or even a bagpipe player, all the musicians that you could possibly need for your party or themed event can usually be found by a Internet search sweep.

You may be asking ‘how do I choose the right musicians needed for my event?’ Just think about the sort of guests that will be attending your event and try to match the performer to your audience’s tastes. If you are arranging a very small function, perhaps think about a harpist. For larger events where greater volume is required, perhaps a guitarist with an amplifier may fit the bill.

Sense of occasion to your event

Many planning to celebrate events like a birthday party through to a company dinner dance choose to book live music to entertain the guests and bring a sense of occasion to the gathering. Musicians needed to create the sound and atmosphere of a live band is completely unbeatable and a live band will ensure the celebrations are enjoyed by all. In essence, it will make for an unforgettable experience.

Party bands for example come in various shapes and sizes, some with brass sections and multiple vocalists, some simply as trios or acoustic duos. Party bands are popular choices at 40th birthday parties, Christmas parties, engagement parties, anniversary celebrations, summer balls, graduation parties, fancy dress affairs, even a Halloween bash.

Musicians needed will have song list of chart material

Depending on the nature of your celebration the musicians needed will have a song list of recent chart material as well as hits from past decades. Some party bands usually specialise in specific genres of music, for example, school reunion disco party bands have become more popular in recent years as the kids of the 70’s and 80’s have group 30th and 40th birthday parties.

Rat Pack and Blues Brothers style bands also remain popular for more mature gatherings as they feature songs from the past 50 years. These often come complete with brass sections to get every audience member on their feet. Many bands now also provide a DJ service so if your venue has a live music curfew the party doesn’t have to come to an end.

Quality info, images and videos from SensationBand

There are loads of UK websites out there offering live and private function bands. Musicians needed for every event can be found on the London-based SensationBand website. Here you’ll find you will find quality information, images and videos of the band performing live, excellent testimonials from happy customers.

The musicians in SensationBand have individually worked sessions with greats in the music business – Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse, Incognito. It’s all there in the site’s pages. SensationBand keep the action on the dance floor moving, with their own special range of hit cover versions. These multi-talented musicians needed to create that special atmosphere for you may have London as home  but for the right private venue they’ll happily go anywhere in the UK or worldwide.

On the UK mainland and outside of the capital the talented professional musicians and singers in the SensationBand have appeared at private gigs in Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, West Midlands, Glasgow, Liverpool, Nottingham, Sheffield, Bristol, Brighton.