party bands

Function bands perform at countless UK weddings each year and many also specialise in Jewish weddings, barmitzvah parties and other Jewish events and are familiar with all the requirements for such occasions, working closely with toastmasters, party planners and caterers to produce some truly memorable family parties.

OK, so you won that promotion at work recently or you’ve just got engaged – time to party! Naturally you want it to be the talk of your friends, workmates and family for ages to come, but what do you actually want to do? Right, hire the best venue possible, arrange for sumptuous food with plenty of wine and beer and put together a glittering guest list. That’s it, yes? Maybe you’re forgetting something – the music of course. It’s been proven time and time again the only thing that turns a party from great to amazing are brilliant party bands. Instead of the usual DJ playing pre-recorded music go for a professional live music band. It never fails.

Atmosphere can turn electric with party bands

When you hire party bands the atmosphere at your celebration can turn electric. This of course is exactly how you want it to be, with everyone up on that dance floor having a whale of a time. Live band music can turn the shyest wallflower into a party animal almost instantly and, remembering that they say the shy ones are the worst, they might spend the whole night doing their thing across the floor. Undoubtedly, party bands provide the best entertainment ingredients for a successful party.

A live band can be hired for any kind of private party or event – from weddings to anniversaries, reunion parties to farewell ‘do’s’ birthday parties and of course company dinner dances and corporate events. Choosing professional party bands will make any occasion a total success and memorable for all the right reasons. Of course, there’s a huge variety of party bands out there to choose from. Just go on the Internet and search ‘party bands UK’ or of you’re in the capital simply ‘party bands London.’ You’ll get a whole crop of Google listings. For London one of the greatest party bands playing around the capital is the SensationBand.

SensationBand – played with many great names in music

You would have to do a lot of searching to find a better live band in London and the UK. The members of SensationBand have worked in session and on stage with many great names in the music business – Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, Mark Ronson, Incognito, Tao Cruz as well as many other renowned recording artists. Carefully selected for their versatile talents and the energy they bring to each and every performance, the SensationBand from London is totally top notch.

Like many other top musicians, they are sought after for different performances, musical projects and studio recordings. The difference between hiring professional musicians and amateurs is that the former will impact on the quality of sound, performance and overall standard of service provided for that all important party.

Tributes to legendary musicians and artistes

Some bands play specialist music while others concentrate on a particular decade in music like the 60′s or 70′s. Others party bands pay tribute to legendary musicians and artistes by doing terrific cover versions complete with the style and characteristics of the original stars. Certainly in the cities and larger towns in the UK you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Of course, having a themed event is a great idea to make your party different from the others. It success will depend hugely on your creativity in planning it, so give yourself as much time as possible to do it right.