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David Pullum Wedding Photography

Close friend of the band and industry giant David Pullum has been photographing weddings for the last 15 years. His work is unobtrusive in its nature, he does not dictate the day or control the day, instead he lets the day unfold and documents his clients weddings through his eyes.


The essence of his wedding photography is to show the personalities of his clients, their friends and families so that anyone viewing the images feels like were there even if they were not.

His photography has won him numerous awards and accolades. He has twice been voted as one of the Top 10 wedding photographers in the UK, Professional Photographer Magazine referred to him as one “of the best winter wedding photographers in the UK”.


Argentina’s MDZ online described him as “one of the best wedding photographers in the world”


His wedding clients include amongst many others, James Corden, Joe Hart and Darren Bent.


To view his work click on the link below

David Pullum Photography

Contact: 07729848185

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