September, 2015

Sensation Band Orchestra

Hi Jason,

I’m sorry its taken me so long to email, we only just got back from our honeymoon at the weekend and its taking me a while to sort through everything!

I know my Dad spoke to you after the wedding, but Joel and I also wanted to say a BIG thank you to you. You were all instrumental in making the night as much of a success as it was!  We’re so pleased you guys had such a great time being part of our day.

Hopefully see you again some time soon.

Best wishes,

Carly (and Joel) x


Carly & Joel went all out with the Sensation Band 19 piece Band at the Super-Classy & Cool Rosewood Hotel in London. To add some real depth and energy to the music they opted to add a 6 piece string section consisting of Viola, Cello, and 4 Violins. The String section were there to entertain at the reception with their stunning repertoire of contemporary songs arranged for strings.

Guests were then wowed by a full 19 piece band with each song lovingly and beautifully arranged to perfection. The rest of the lineup consisted of Percussion, Keys, Guitar, Sax, Trumpet, Trombone, 4 of our most outstanding female singers, 2 males singers and our world famous rapper.