June, 2018

Soho Farmhouse Wedding Band

Hi Laura,

All I can say is WOW. The band impressed us when we came to the showcase, but on Thursday they were simply PHENOMENAL. It’s all anyone has said to me! I was so stressed during the speeches as they were taking so long and I just wanted to get the band going and not lose any time with them! You guys made our day incredible, and for me you were the highlight of the entire day. The version of ‘You’ve Got the Love’ was incredible – I really want to hear the whole version again, as I only have small snippets recorded. And I thought you were only going to sing one song for the ceremony, so it was a WONDERFUL surprise that you sung all three songs. WOW!

Seriously – I do not have words to express how much I loved having you guys there. Let me know where you’d like reviews adding!! I can’t wait for the video so I can listen all over again.

Thanks again for EVERYTHING.

Holly & Neil xxx