December, 2016

St Pancras Hotel Wedding Band

Good morning Jason

We are exhausted and elated as the Wedding was everything we dreamt about  and so much more. And a huge part of that is down to you and the band. You were all extraordinary. You created the perfect sound and feeling.

We wanted the best. And that’s what you are. We looked at a load of bands, who in my opinion, are formulaic, look bored witless, just go through the motions and are dull. Sensation are very different – you have a vibe and and an energy. You know how to work the room and get people to party.  And boy did you take it to another level for us!

And now you have played the St Pancras post midnight and smashed it. Thank you for making a wedding that we and our guests will never forget.

You say you are the UK’s best party band. I would dispute that.  You are The Best Party Band. End of.

Hilary and Richard xxx