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Wedding and function bands

Wedding and function bands

Budgeting for a wedding is always hard going. It may seem ridiculous these days to spend an arm and a leg on a wedding, especially if you’re saving up to get on the housing ladder as well, so you have to weigh up costs carefully. When it comes to budgeting for a wedding there are a number of things to consider. What is an absolute must for your wedding party and what can you let go? Here are our tips.

Wedding outfits

Many women dream of marrying in white, but increasingly this isn’t the case. Your wedding outfit is one area where you can make considerable savings. There are companies that hire gowns out – so you can take your pick and go for something really out there, or go the whole wedding princess look, without breaking the bank. eBay often have gowns at a fraction of the cost, and many charity shops have gowns donated to them, so shop around, and have one altered by your local dressmaker. The lure of owning the dress may be strong, but if it’s going to be sitting in your wardrobe for 30 years or more, it may be a bit of a waste.

Food for guests

Sit down meals at weddings are smashing, especially where there is silver service. However, if you have large numbers of guests or you want to be more flexible, a buffet is just as good. Depending on the venue you can save a fortune by swapping silver service for a buffet. Increasingly these days you can ask guests to buy their own drinks at the bar, and just supply champagne for the toasts.

The venue itself

For most people it doesn’t matter whether the party venue is in a remote castle or the local scout hut, what matters for them is the ease of getting there and having a good time. People want to see you having a fabulous day, so choose your venue according to your budget, not because you think you will be judged on your choice.

Wedding and function bands

Choosing the right wedding and function bands is important. You want to find the best band for your wedding – one that can be inclusive of all your guests from the oldest to the youngest. This means that you need a group who can play a wide repertoire of music styles, from the fifties and sixties for your grandparents and great Aunts, and still bring everything up to date, for you and your nephews and nieces. You’ll also want to find a group with an impressive and professional delivery – professional musicians who can hold a crowd and get everyone up to get on down.

Sensation Band

Sensation Band are perfect for your wedding party whatever your budget. We’re a professional and experienced group of musicians with our own sound engineer, intent on making your wedding the most special it can be. Get your party started by getting in touch with us via our website or on 0208 123 4851.