August, 2022

Wedding Band in Hemel Hempstead Review

We are now recovered from Ashleigh and Dan’s wedding, and I wanted to write to you to express our sincere gratitude for the absolutely mind blowing “SHOW” you put on!

From the moment the string quartet appeared, to the last song the band performed, you had the entire room up and dancing. Guests could not help themselves, they just had to move their bodies to the music!

The sound quality, the vocals, the performances, the string quartet … all of it – was world class from beginning to end. Your band brought the room together as one. We were inundated on the night, and have been since, with friends and family raving about “THE BAND” that was actually a live concert!

You absolutely brought the party and made the wedding the joyful occasion it was. Thank you!

With warm regards,

Heather-Gaye and Guy Carter