January, 2023

Wedding Band in Ibiza Review

Hi Katie!

I’ve been wanting to message you guys… I don’t really know where to start in thanking you! Thank you is definitely not enough…

Daniel & I were absolutely blown away by the band… Imaani, Kirsten & Daniel were simply incredible… Their presence, their VOICES! Their performance… They were unbelievable… Everyone was telling us all night how amazing they were!

The part where they sang for our cocktail hour just blew me away, I obviously expected you all to be good but I just hadn’t expected it to be THAT good, in person is a different ball game… I was actually quite emotional with just how moving it was!

The owner of the venue actually said he came down to the cocktail hour and thought something was wrong, he was really confused at why everyone was stood staring into one corner, when he got down there he realised we were all watching the band. He said he has never seen anybody at a wedding actually pay attention to the entertainment at cocktail hour before… But it was impossible not to just watch them as they sang… One of my favourite moments of the day was standing, with Daniel with a cocktail, watching them sing… Stunning… The piano was also beautiful, Jason was incredible! We loved it!

Then the party!!! Oh my goodness, they were fabulous!!! The song choices were perfect, they played some that were not on our list but they totally totally worked… It was the best party and that was down to the band 100%.. They were all amazing…

Please thank Imaani for me for her incredible rendition of Angie Stone, that was such an epic moment for us… She also did Aretha Franklin Think and it was my best moment of the party! She is insanely good…

Everyone at the wedding said it was the best wedding they had ever been to, the best party, they were commenting about you all for days. The owner of the venue was shocked I think and very very impressed, also with your professionalism…

I know it would not have been the wedding it was without you guys and we are just so happy that we chose you guys, you were worth every single penny!

The suppliers thought you were amazing and they all told us they had never seen a party like that before on the island! They had the best time as well apparently…

It was really nice that you all mingled with us and chatted during breaks and afterwards… 🙂

Please share this with all the guys and thank them all personally for us… We are so so grateful to them for how much effort they put in, how much they went for it & just absolutely made our day! 

Thank you all so much!

Lots of love,

Charlene & Daniel

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