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A Practical Checklist When Searching for the Best Wedding Band London has to Offer

If you are a bride-to-be, your list of tasks to complete probably seems endless. One job that should be near the top of your ‘wedding reception’ list, however, is choosing the type of music that will appeal to and entertain your guests. While you and your partner may prefer heavy rock or dance music, we have a massive repertoire of songs to make sure we appeal to all of your friends and family. By choosing the best wedding band London can offer, your have one less thing to worry about to guarantee a wedding day that will provide many happy memories for years to come.

How to find the best wedding band London can offer

  • Sit down with your partner and work out which genre of music would be the most suitable for your wedding – with Sensation band this won't narrow down your choice as we cover so many genre and eras of wedding music so well. This should be a useful first step towards finding suitable bands when searching on the internet
  • Decide on an affordable price range – this will dictate whether you choose a professional, semi-professional or amateur band, and you can start to focus on a specific selection of bands. We are a fully professional function band, but do our best to provide exceptional value
  • When finding a wedding band London brides have the advantage of an enormous choice, so start your search on the internet with a targeted phrase such as “professional+jazz+wedding+band+London” This will return a long list of possible bands and it is then just a case of working your way through the list of websites. Have a listen to our videos to ensure you are certain that we are live up to our reputation as the UK's best wedding band
  • Try to narrow down your list to around 2 or 3 bands and listen to their demo tracks, or preferably go to see them playing live – although demo tapes give you an idea of whether they would be suitable for your wedding, seeing them play live will help you ‘picture’ them at your reception, and help you to make a more informed decision. Please contact us if you wish to see us playing at our next event
  • When you have narrowed down your search for the best wedding band London offers, contact 2 or 3 of them with specific questions regarding their availability, whether they have a package price, if they have a contract, or any particular requirements they might have from the venue

Hopefully by this stage you will have a good idea of the best wedding band for you, but this process takes time and it is vital that you allow plenty of time for your search to avoid booking the wrong band in a hurry.

Word-of-mouth recommendations

When looking for a live wedding band London is an excellent place to start due to the wealth of talent available in the capital. Although the internet is a good place to start your search, word-of-mouth recommendations could also provide you with a wedding band that complements your wedding style perfectly, and provides lasting memories of a happy day. So ask around your family and friends – they are the people who know you best and it might just cut down the search time, allowing you to start ticking off everything else on your list. Check out Sensation Band Reviews to see what our clients thought, and why we have a 100% client satisfaction rating.