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Wedding Bands For Hire

Many brides-to-be want something special for their wedding reception, whether that is an unusual venue, a distinctive menu, or a particular type of music. Music choice can make or break the evening and has to appeal to all age groups attending the reception, so the first choice to make in terms of music presentation is whether you want to hire a DJ or a live band. Searching for wedding bands for hire, either on the internet or in the local press, should result in plenty of choice of live bands that create a special atmosphere on your big day.

 Wedding bands for hire – what are the steps to find the best band for you?

  • Ask your friends and family for recommendations based on wedding receptions they have attended – word of mouth recommendations are often the best way to hire a live band based on the opinions of trusted sources.
  • Look in your local newspapers and magazines for live band advertisements
  • Type a phrase into your favourite search engine, such as “wedding bands for hire London” and there will probably be more results than you know what to do with. Try to whittle down the results in several stages by deciding what type of band you want and what genre of music is going to be best for your wedding reception
  • Once you have a shortlist of around 5 wedding bands for hire, look at their websites for more information. Most bands have demo tapes that you can listen to on the internet, or videos of them playing live, so make sure that you listen to anything that is available
  • Try to see some of them playing live if possible – this will allow you to get a feel for the way they interact with an audience, whether they are dynamic and enthusiastic, and you can confirm your choice of music in your own mind
  • Prices for wedding bands will vary considerably according to whether they are professional, semi-professional, or amateur. This may be the guiding factor for your choice after everything else has been considered
  • Once you have narrowed down your choice of wedding bands for hire, you need to contact them to check their availability and obtain a quote. You may need to sign a contract of hire, which should be checked for terms such as cancellation by either side, how many breaks the band will take during the course of the evening, and if they provide a music CD to be played during these breaks

Looking for the appropriate type of wedding bands for hire is not a quick process. The best way is to start looking well before your wedding day so that you are certain of your choice, and happy that your reception will go smoothly.