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Wedding bands in the North West

If you were looking for wedding bands in the North West, you would probably start by asking friends and family for any recommendations, or by looking on the Internet.  These are the obvious two choices to help you find wedding bands in the North West, and are the ways most people start.

For some it is the first time they have had to consider hiring musical entertainment and they can have many questions that need answering before they start their search.

A few of the common questions asked when someone is looking for wedding bands in the North West are:

How much does hiring wedding bands in the North West cost?

This really depends on the type of band you hire.  Some of the smaller bands have a one price fits all policy, but that often means one show fits all as well, which of course is not the case.

Each wedding is unique to the couple, and their musical entertainment should be as well. A band should be chosen that is versatile and flexible enough and has a large enough song list to tailor the show especially for the bride and groom, while still maintaining an excellent level of performance.

If there is not one local, how far will bands travel?

Some bands do not have the facilities to travel far, but the Sensation Band work all over the UK as well as in many parts of Europe, so travelling to wherever is no problem for them.

How long will they play for?

That has to be agreed between you and them before the date.  There are different options and some opt for less sets of a longer period, while others prefer more sets of a shorter time. Really it is a matter of preference, and what best suits the style of music you have chosen.

Will they play the type of music we want, or do we just have to have what they can do?

The Sensation Band will produce a show of whatever type of music you want, all exceptional, and as a live band no two shows are the same.  Whether you want a small band of five, or a band of 15 they are able to provide it all, to play any type of music you can imagine.  As a band they have played together for years, and as individuals they play with some of the largest names in the music world.

Will I have to sign a contract?

Any professional band will want a contract signed to protect you and them.  This should include the payment schedule and the main points about your entertainment, if you are not happy with anything, tell them before you sign so that it can be altered.

Do I need to look any further than the Sensation Band?

No, once you have seen their site, listen to the live video footage and spoken to them, you will realise that they are the best of the weddings bands you will find, and we guarantee that using them is a decision you will not regret.